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As one of the largest saw cutting companies in Utah, Saw Jockey has worked hard to become the expert when it comes to commercial concrete cutting projects. From day one, safety has always been the number one thing guiding the company. With tier-4 compliant equipment, our jobs are not only safer, they are cleaner. Saw Jockey is not just the expert in the field, they also take pride in creating custom solutions to unique challenges that come with commercial, industrial, transportation and civil projects.

wall sawing

When wall sawing for HVAC, window or door openings, Saw Jockey focuses on being precise. Our wall saws are designed to minimize vibration and reduce damage to ensure we deliver clean, straight cuts every single time.

flat sawing

When it comes to flat sawing, we take every step to make sure we meet your exact specifications. Our flat saws cut horizontally into a number of surfaces, and we offer only the most qualified operators to make sure your job is done right.

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Almost all concrete cutting requires some sort of core drilling process. Core drilling is available for a number of applications including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, walls, slabs, ceilings and more.


wire sawing

When it comes to cutting through really thick concrete, wire sawing is the way to go. Whether it is vertical or horizontal, the multi-strand cable can cut through the toughest of jobs.

3d scanning

3D Scanning has revolutionized the process over the years making it both more efficient and safer. This technology aids in  concrete mapping and void detection and makes for the safest construction environment possible.

Saw Jockey executed our project with expert precision and extreme professionalism. Operators Adam and Chris were on point with every cut! We will most definitely use Saw Jockey again for our next concrete project!



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